Syndicate Theology Symposium: Beyond Secular Order by John Milbank

While Christmas and New Year celebrations went on over the last two weeks, the folk at Syndicate Theology (mentioned in a post in 2014 - Happy New Year, by the way) were hard at work in putting together a symposium around John Milbank's follow up to his highly anticipated and equally controversial Theology & Social Theory

This symposium on Beyond Secular Order was edited by Dr. Justin Tse of the University of Washington, who blogs at Religion. Ethnicity. Wired. The symposium provided four response essays, each of which was followed by a counter-response by John Milbank and an accompanying discussion. This symposium received the largest response by any of the books reviewed on Syndicate Theology since its inception in 2015. 

Contributors to this symposium included:
Syndicate Theology have also rung in the new year with a new symposium on American Apocalypse: A Historical Of Modern Evangelicalism by Matthew Avery Sutton.

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