Doctrine Divides While Justice Unites?: An Interview with Catholic News Agency

Justice, Unity and the Hidden Christ, written by the Divine Wedgie's blogger at large, was recently the subject of an interview with Ann Schneible Catholic New Agency, under the title of "Doctrine Divides while Justice Unites?". 

The interview centred around this claim, which presumed that social justice naturally united those of different confessions. The question that needed to be raised here was not so much whether social justice united Christians. 

Rather, following Graham Ward, the real question centres on what a Christian action would look like when it is being undertaken whilst surrounded by the discourses of Liberalism, and whether that action can be recognised as Christian when filtered through these discourses.

The full text of the interview can found by clicking here. You can also follow Ann Scheible's work in Catholic News Agency and at Vatican Radio on twitter at @AnnSchneible.

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