Crunchy-Conservatism, Migrants & Pope Francis

"Crunchy-conservatives" in the United States have started organising against the neoliberal and faux-conservative status-quo, and one outlet for this organisation is the online thinkerspace known as Solidarity Hall. Whilst having run a website for a number of years, the Folk at Solidarity Hall have launched their publishing arm, Solidarity Hall Press, with the release of their first book Radically Catholic in the Age of Francis, edited by Daniel Schwindt.

This book is an edited text with a number of short essays which, from a variety of perspectives and stations in life, the theme of what it means to be a radical and Catholic is explored and what the relatively new papacy of Francis would mean for this intersection. By extension, the contributions of the book explores possibilities for Catholics in America - outside the media-manufactured slogans - to relate to their nation, democracy and modernity.

Though not American, the Divine Wedgie is glad to be associated with the work of Solidarity Hall, with its blogger at large being invited to make an Australian contribution to Radically Catholic, in a chapter entitled "The Migrant and the Latin Church". A contribution has also been made to the Solidarity Hall website with the online essay "Pop Culture and Total War", which is a more condensed version of the conference paper presented in Germany for the Colloquium on Violence and Religion, entitled "War by Other Meangirls: Pop Culture as Total War".

Radically Catholic in the Age of Francis is available in hard copy and on Kindle. 

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