New Podcast: Faith in the Church of Facebook

The Sydney-based webradio station Cradio recently released a podcast of a paper presented by the Divine Wedgie's Matthew Tan in the Theology and Communications Conference in the University of Santa Clara in California. The conference was sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Pontifical Council of Social Communications.

The paper uses Pope Francis' Lumen Fidei as the touchstone on how to approach the practice of faith in the Church when it is immersed in cyberspace. It primarily does so by tying faith to memory, and the problematique arises when one recognises that the internet has as big a role in the destruction of memory as in its curation, a point explored in a post some years ago. If this is true of the structure of the ineternet, then the use of the internet as a means of nurturing faith should come with some serious qualifications. After outlining this problematique, the paper ends with suggesting how the practice of recitation can provide a resource in resisting the inevitability of the destruction of memory by the internet.

Please click here to access the podcast.

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