Free Panel Presentation: An Augustinian Theology of Migrant Identity

Readers in the Chicago area might be interested in a free event next week, organised by DePaul University's Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology.

World Catholicism Week is an annual week-long program that further investigates the demographic shift in Catholicism, from an Anglo-American and European spheres to the Asian, African and beyond. This year, the event is run under the theme of Catholicism in Diaspora.

The Divine Wedgie's Matthew Tan is part of the program, and will present a paper entitled "The Love of Many Lands: an Augustinian Theology of Migrant Identity". The paper looks at the issue of multiplicity in the migrant in light of the patristic analysis of multiplicity being the fruit of sin. It will survey the promises and pitfalls of sociopolitical analysis on the issue of multiplicity and show how an Augustinian take can enrich migrant theory on this very issue. Conversely, it will also show how taking migrant theory seriously can also be a fruitful avenue of engaging the multiplicity of Catholic migrants.

But this paper (to be presented as part of a panel discussion on 8th April at 2pm) is part of a much larger program, which features speakers far more prominent and important. These include the sociologist Philip Jensen, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo from the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants, and Rev. Andrew O'Connor, the founder of the Goods of Conscience clothing line.

All events are to be held in Room 120 AB of DePaul's Student Center from the 7th to 11th April and are open to the public. Anyone interested is requested to visit the World Catholicism Week website and register their interest. Further details of each event can also be found.

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