"Theology, Philosophy & the Mass" Part I: Epistemology

The Sydney-based internet radio station Cradio has this week released a podcast of the first instalment of a 3 part series of mini-lectures entitled "Theology, Philosophy & the Mass". It was presented in Campion College in Australia as a way to get students to reflect on their attendance at the weekday Eucharistic liturgy in its chapel, with their studies, particularly in Theology and Philosophy.

The first instalment, entitled "the Epistemology of the Mass", looks at how the Eucharist is a profoundly Augustinian act epistemologically, challenging our conception of self-certainty as we bring our wants and needs to God. Moreover, the podcast reflects on how the epistemology enacted in the Eucharist should be a challenge to the way in which we seem untroubled by the ways in which we adopt an epistemology grounded in certainty in other areas of our life.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

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