Course Offering in Religious Architecture by Steven Schloeder

Readers in Arizona might be interested in the latest course offering in Catholic Church Architecture to come out of the University of St. Mary, a fledgling university located in Tempe.

The course, offered by Dr. Steven Schloeder of the architectural firm Liturgical Environs, will, in the words of the course synopsis:

approach the architectural patrimony of the Church primarily as “signs and symbols of the heavenly realities” to understand how this vision has been interpreted through the ages, with particular references to the 20th century changes in Catholic architecture, the documents of the Second Vatican Council and the architectural implementation of the Council’s vision, and the contemporary liturgical and architectural discussions.

Courses like this are a rare opportunity to explore in depth the wonderful idiosyncrasies of the manifestations of the Catholic imagination. What is more, students in Arizona State University will also be able to study this course for credit. 

Readers are encouraged to register for this course. For more details, please visit the course page by clicking here.

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