"St Evagrius of Pontus and Redeeming Time in Postmodernity" on The Other Journal

An essay by the Divine Wedgie's Matthew Tan was published on the American postmodern theological resource The Other Journal. The site is connected to the "Church and Postmodern Culture" series of books, which is published by Baker Academic. 

The essay looks at how "the noonday demon", coined by the 4th century Christian ascetic Evagrius of Pontus, helps us understand the concept of time in postmodern culture. Rather than a neutral category, the essay argues that postmodern time is actually an institutionalization of "the noonday demon". 

This in turn explains why so much of our culture is marked by what Evagrius calls acedia, a bored corrosive listlessness. The diagnosis is later followed up with a look at liturgy as a prophylactic against the encroachments of the noonday demon.

The full essay can be found by clicking here.

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