A Digital Body of Christ?

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Communications Office this week published its contribution to mark the 47th World Day of Communications, an ebook entitled Word Made Flesh and "Shared" Among Us.

The volume consists of 30 short essays by a number of practitioners within the Catholic Church, including bishops, journalists, academics, campus ministers, radio station managers and health workers. 

The common tie between these contributors is their immersion as part of their work in the world of New Media, whether it is through facebooking, Tweeting, blogging or online radio. Campion College and The Divine Wedgie feature in this publication, with its blogger-at-large making his own reflections on the topic under the title "A Digital Body of Christ?".

The ebook is available free of charge on EPUB and as a PDF document. It is also available on Kindle format for $1.99.

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