The Divine Wedgie Now on Podcast

Another year is upon us and with it come the hopes of a transformation of events in our histories, even as the headlines of our news agencies try to assure us that things in 2013 - especially things to do with mammon - will be little different from those in 2012. 

While not necessarily a revolution in social affairs, over here at The Divine Wedgie, changes are indeed taking place.

Readers may be interested to know that The Divine Wedgie is branching out into other formats, including audiocasting. Currently, short podcasts of posts - including material not previously aired on this blog - are currently being rolled out on the online radio station Cradio

A small sample of these podcasts (with more to be made available regularly) are available by clicking here. Alternatively, there is the option of subscribing to these podcasts on iTunes. Readers who enjoy the material presented in these formats are requested to leave their feedback on both the Cradio and iTunes pages. All of this helps in increasing awareness of the material among the listening public.

The Divine Wedgie is grateful for the kind support of readers and wishes all a prosperous 2013.

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