Campion College in the Media

Campion College has received some media coverage of late. The college's president designate, Ryan Messmore, recently gave the Acton Lecture at Sydney's Centre for Independent Studies, entitled "What Kind of Religion is Free in the Public Square?". Using the United States as a case study, the lecture looks at how liberal democratic societies have in recent decades redefined the kind of religion that can remain free within their borders. The text of this address can be found on the ABC's Religion and Ethics website.

The Centre for Public Christianity, more commonly known as "CPX" also spoke with Messmore in a short interview entitled "Private Faith and Public Life".

On a much less glorious scale, readers of "The Divine Wedgie" might be interested to know that it has recently begun having regular audiocasting slot on the internet radio station Cradio. A podcast of a post on Smartphones has been put up and more will be on the way soon. Tan's address at the Rerum Novarum Oration organised by the Archdiocese of Melbourne, presented together with Victoran Senator John Madigan, is also available in both text and audio formats.

Both Ryan Messmore and Matthew Tan will be among a number of Campion College staff presenting papers at a research projects seminar organised by the Centre for the Study of Western Tradition. Messmore will present a paper entitled "The Marriage Covenant, Engaged", while Tan will develop his post on Marian epistemology and look at its relevance for postmodern culture. The seminar will be held at the college from 9:30am on Friday, 7th December. Reservations are essential, so be sure to email Dr. Luciano Boschiero at

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