Conference on Patriotism in the UK


Readers in the United Kingdom might be interested to know that The Lincoln Theological Institute and the University of Manchester will be holding a conference on the theme of patriotism, entitled Patriotism? Loyalty, Identity and Cohesion in a Religiously Plural and Cultural Differentiated 'Nation'. The conference blurb reads:

How might national loyalty, identity and cohesion be understood in a religiously plural and culturally differentiated 'nation'? The conference aims to achieve greater clarity over whether or not the revivification of Patriotism is warranted, and in what ways a revitalised Patriotism may differ from past Patriotisms.

The struggles of a number of states with varying strands of multiculturalism, the resurgence of discourses over the strange notion of  "national values" and the attempts to recover cohesion in culturally and ethnically diverse polities would make this conference timely and highly pertinent.

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