Like Your Latin: Campion College Roman Summer School in Latin and History

Readers may be aware of Campion College's hosting of a Latin Language and History Summer School in Rome from 1-25 July 2012, entitled The Christianisation of Pagan Culture.

The course is not just in linguistics, but also an immersion in the culture and history of ancient Rome, through guided readings in classical pagan and Christian sources, as well as classes in Latin paleography and epigraphy. Excursions are also planned for major Roman sites like the Vatican, the Catacombs and Hardian's Villa at Tivoli.

The course fee has now been reduced to A$5350, which includes airfares, tuition fees, accommodation for the whole period, travel insurance and excursion fees. The fee is not inclusive of meals and participants are advised to budget about 30 euros a day for food, though the availability of good and cheap eateries in Rome means that one could manage for less if s/he so desired.

To secure your place, please be advised that a deposit of A$500 is required before 29th Feb 2012, with the balance to be paid by 31 May 2012. For further information, please contact the facilitators of this course:

Dr. David Daintree
Campion College President

Dr. Susanna Rizzo
Polding Lecturer in Classics

An updated flyer for this program can be found by clicking here.

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