Reverence is Rebellion

Bad Catholic recently put up a post regarding the posture of prayer, or more specifically, providing a response to the notion that the reverent Christian attentive to one's posturing or gesticulations in prayer is one that either cowers before an authoritarian God or underestimates God's love for his creature.

Admittedly, there are many Christians who deign to use attention to gesture or posture in prayer as a substitute to the practice of virtue. That is not the focus of this post. Rather, very insightfully, Bad Catholic identifies the posture of prayer as an act of rebellion against the status quo, where Death reigns supreme and has the last say. Whilst the status quo deigns to forces us into a saggy submission, in prayer every bow, every folding of hands, every prostration, articulates a joining in God's defiance against, and eventual destruction of, the authority of Death in this world.

The blog comes highly recommended and can be found by clicking here.

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