Prayer and Blogging with Benjamin Myer

Benjamin Myer, a  theologian from the United Theological College in Parramatta and author at large of the Faith and Theology blog, has compiled an impressive mini-anthology on prayer, consisting of the thoughts of writers both ancient and modern (examples include Isaac the Syrian, Evagrius of Pontus, Julian of Norwich, John of the Cross, Simone Weil, Thomas Merton, Kallistos Ware and William Stringfellow). This post provides some useful material for beginning any reflection on prayer and comes highly recommended.

Myer has also given us valuable food for thought on the impact of blogging on academic theology in an article published by the American evangelical journal Cultural Encounters. Borrowing some elements of Foucault's terminology, Myer reminds us in his article that writing has been an indispensable formator of identity, yet has been taken to new trajectories with the consolidation of the blog format. The effects are far from neutral, but not necessarily adverse.

Some may legitimately differ with Myers on whether the online form can be as nurturing for theological thought as he argues it to be, but his article nonetheless makes for compelling reading.

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