How to Learn Your Latin and Like It: Study in Rome in July 2012 (Plus Upcoming Events)

Australian readers might be interested to know that Campion College will be hosting a 24 day study trip to Rome in July 2012, around the theme The Christianisation of Pagan Culture.

This is a three week intensive course of lectures, seminars and guided excursions to major sites in the historic centre of Rome, such as the Forum, the Catacombs of Via Appia, Pompeii and Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli. In between visits, delegates will also learn to read pagan and Christian inscriptions, study classical art up close, as well as learn Latin paleography and epigraphy.

To be eligible for this trip, one would need at least a year of tertiary level-Latin or equivalent prior to the trip. The cost of the trip is approximately AUS $6000, which will include airfares, tuition, accommodation and meals.

Those interested are advised to get in touch with Campion's Polding Lecturer in Classics, Dr. Susanna Rizzo. She can be contacted at s.rizzo[at] or by calling +61 2 9896 9300. Readers will be updated on further developments.

On the issue of events organised by Campion, George Weigel will be speaking at Campion's Centre for the Study of the Western Tradition at 4:30pm on Thursday (10th November). The seminar is entitled "The Free and Virtuous Society in the Teaching of Blessed John Paul II". Also a reminder of Campion's upcoming symposium on post-secularity "Shifting Paradigms: The Twilight of the Secular and the Return of the Idols", which will be held on 7th December

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