Upcoming Conferences on Post-Secularity

UK-based readers of The Divine Wedgie may be interested to know that the University of Sussex will be hosting a conference on post-secularity in International Relations from the 27th to the 28th of October. It features a range of disciplines, including political theory and theology, and includes among its speakers Australia's Dr. Erin Wilson from the Globalism Research Centre at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, who will soon release her book After Secularism: Rethinking Religion in Global Politics. The link to this conference can be found here.

Closer to home in Australia, on 7th December, Campion College will host a day symposium on post-secularity entitled  "Shifting Paradigms: the Twilight of the Secular and the Return of the Idols?". Click on the link for registration and other details.

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