Nietzsche & Our Cyborgified Age

His woeful views on Christianity notwithstanding, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche made many accurate insights about the nascent version of the secular modernity in which we are now living. 

One of these includes a startling remark Nietzsche made about a coming epoch that, swept up in the thrall of scientistic efficiency, will become dominated by machinistic mindset. 

The institutionalisation of this mindset will herald an age where, in Nietzsche's  words, “promise[s] to invent a way of life which refrains from all organic functions.”

This 19th century statement is reflected in a remark made today by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. As Humans become more dependent on technology to increase ease of life, Wozniak exclaimed, they will also increasingly "become the pets, the dogs of the house". This is because in our rush to improve the efficiency of machines in areas like medicine, education, transport, leisure, music and art, "We're already creating the superior beings". The battle between man and machines, he concluded, was lost long ago. 

This raises an interesting question as to how the Church should respond to recent calls to engage cyberculture in fulfilling its evangelical mandate. Further posts will elaborate on this reflection. The difficulties, nuances seem to be demonstrated by the video clip below.

Whilst the technological savvy is evident, one may be forgiven for feeling some unease with the seeming ease by which many Christians have embraced technological innovation as part of the unfolding of God's grace.

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