The Definition of a Liberal Nowadays

The American radical social activist Saul Alinsky has been dubbed as one of the "great American leaders of the non-socialist left". He once said that a Liberal was someone that left the room before an argument began. 

That was the 20th century, now that Liberalism has established itself as the dominant institutional paradigm in the 21st century (even when articulated through some ostensibly postmodern voices), we find the Liberal being the only one in the room and who bars entry into it  before an argument begins.

One should not be surprised, since Liberalism, in its attempt to provide a space for all to behave however they want regardless of communal telos, paradoxically enjoins a particular pattern of behaviour that seeks to undercut and displace any pattern of virtue it claims it wants to include. To the extent it seeks to do this, Liberalism becomes not the opposite to but equates to a form of totalitarianism.

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