Betrayed by Technology: An interview with Jacques Ellul

The 24th of June begins a week-long conference in Krakow organised by the Centre for Theology and Philosophy in the University of Nottingham. The conference theme is What is Life? Theology, Science and Philosophy and promises to be quite exciting.

Preparations for a paper for a conference such as this make acquainting oneself with the work of the Sociologist-turned-anarchist-turned-theologian Jacques Ellul obligatory. 

Ellul has made extensive contributions in the area of the sociology of technology with his book, The Technological Society. Below is an extensive video-interview with Ellul on the betrayal of mankind by technology. Though somewhat dated, it contains much useful theological and sociological information for reflection on our current technologically-saturated milieu. Points to note include:

1. The imperative for efficiency to become the supreme organising principle over other organising principles like religion;

2. The sacred character attributed to technology;

3. The need for reflection on experience giving way for reflex-reactions to them

To see the video, click here.

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