Launching Ecclesial Anti-Establishment Garment-Pull

And the Author saw that it was good.

Welcome dear readers to the very first posting of The Divine Wedgie wonderblog, where all things relating to the Church, its role in the formation of culture, and flowing from that, its political ramifications. Here you would find the same quality opinions on dinnertable taboos offered by its predecessor M.J.P. Tan, but with a fresh new format.

Readers might notice the first few postings would be former wonderposts that are transported to this site, but rest assured that, as soon as a decent body of topically focussed material has been consolidated, the Author would build on that, and our sacred rebellion can continue where M.J.P. Tan left off.

In the meantime, should any wonderreader feel the need to bid farewell to the old wonderblog, please go to